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Dragon Ball Super Website Translations

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Dragon Ball Super Website Translations Empty Dragon Ball Super Website Translations

Post by Broly Wed Aug 15, 2018 10:17 pm

Dragon Ball Super Website Translations Dragon10
Here are the current translations for this upcoming Broly movie story it's not much but better than nothing! Translations are done by me!

DBMovie 20th: Story <- Click!

English wrote:
Title: This is the story of a new Saiyan

Peaceful Earth after "Power Competition" (Tournament of Power). Goku who found out that there was a strong man in the universe that had not seen in the universe was barely finished with aiming for further height. Such a day, I saw a Saiyan Broly who appeared before Goku and Vegeta "Why the" Saiyan "who should have been almost completely annihilated as the planet Vegeta disappears? Why to the earth? Freeza who came back from hell again involved The encounter of the three Saiyans who have followed a completely different fate, to a fierce battle

It seems Frieza has been resurrected yet again? but as of right now not much is known about this situation!

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