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Dragon Ball Super Rant: Jiren Losing

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Dragon Ball Super Rant: Jiren Losing Empty Dragon Ball Super Rant: Jiren Losing

Post by Broly Mon Mar 26, 2018 4:59 am

Firstly......Tournament of Power was rushed and poorly written and it basically confirms Dragon Ball has no powerscaling how?

Jiren was stronger than his God of Destruction of Universe 11 Belmod Manga and Anime both states this while Goku isn't even stronger than his God of Destruction Beerus or even Whis at all....

How I rank them:

Ultra Instinct was the ultimate asspull for me because Goku masters a technique or transformation less than 30 to an hour?? This "Ultra Instinct" which all the Gods of Destructions practices who been alive more than millions of years and yet Goku ACCIDENTALLY was given this ultra-rare power outta nowhere! Seriously this is BAD WRITING because at the end Jiren lost due to PLOT! Android 17 suriving a SELF-DESTRUCT? where frieza should have been fell from the little ledge when both Jiren and Goku were destroying it constantly. Lets not forget Goku was losing stamina but BOOM! He gains more stamina and energy?? This make no utter sense! The ending was fine but I would have liked it if Jiren himself won and wished all the universes back together displaying why he was the strongest instead of the PIS 1 on 1 and then PIS 1 on 3.

That is all for this rant....

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