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Rules Of The Death Battle

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Rules Of The Death Battle Empty Rules Of The Death Battle

Post by Broly Sat Mar 14, 2015 4:36 pm

Rules Of The Death Battle Tumblr_ntjiz76MaO1tu0hbzo1_500
0. Omnipotence aren't allowed Pre-Retcon Beyonder,The-One-Above-All,The Presence, and Mother of Existence is prohibited.
1. Don't over wank or fanboy over a character. (EX: Goku can beat anyone and anybody!)
2. Don't insult others no matter the reason. (EX: You are a retard!)
4. Cyber bullying/Harassing others are prohibited. (Screen shots of comments use to humiliate others.)
5. Spamming the same matches out of butthurt is against the rules! (EX: Goku Vs Superman)
6. DO NOT DISRESPECT A STAFF MEMBER! (EX: You are retarded @[Insert Admin Name])
7. Feats and Facts! If you can't prove what you say its alright just accept you were wrong!
8. Polls are used for joke battles only! if we see a poll in a serious debate it will be locked and archived!
9. Purposely coming in to troll is a instant week ban. (7 Days)
10. Have fun,be smart, and be friendly.

I will state this so users here can understand I want a clean non-cancerous community.....
Debates are "Civil" discussions. (Acceptable)
Arguments are "Hostile" discussions. (Unacceptable)
"Common sense" is objective like an opinion!
"Opinions" are OPINIONS!
Users can express at anytime within their thread to allow or disallow the concept of Powerscaling or Calcs its not a mandatory for all threads so being triggered about it is not gonna help!

If you have ANY problems tag a Admin/Moderator to the issue and let us handle it do not moderate and do to retaliate.

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