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Broly in a New upcoming Dragon Ball Movie?

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Broly in a New upcoming Dragon Ball Movie? Empty Broly in a New upcoming Dragon Ball Movie?

Post by Broly Sun Nov 27, 2016 7:01 pm

Broly in a New upcoming Dragon Ball Movie? Broly_10


Dragon Ball returning had hit the fan-base hard in 2015 with their huge success of the movies such as Battle of Gods and Resurrection of F but 2016 is coming to a near end and with the hit success of the new addition of Dragon Ball Super  Toei has already planned a major project in the works as there is an expected upcoming film that would be released in early or mid 2017, but the far most interesting part about the movie is that the film's antagonist might be the legendary Super Saiyan Broly! For months after the super series it has been Rumored of a new movie being spread over the anime community, but Toei had been denying the rumors as a hoax or just that it isn't true but yet a few days ago, Mr. Tayadoshi Yamamuro the same designer who had collaborated with Akira Toriyama on the "Dragon Ball Z" series which he had presented an idea for an upcoming Dragon Ball Super movie.

In an interviewed by the popular magazine Animedia on that Toei is deciding who is going to be the main Protagonist and the main Antagonist to face such a monstrous being the company is leaving it all up to the original creator Akira Toriyama on a plot and leaving the design to himself.


Tayadoshi Yamamuro wrote:Yes there are very good ideas and we are trying to create the best possible plot. Among these ideas are to make a film that has Uub as the protagonist but to personal taste I would like to see Broly again on screen.

Mr. Yamamuro is truly inclined towards a new film in which Broly is the main antagonist! but it is currently unknown rather this has been changed or not and as for Uub as the protagonist is just a idea then an actual plot so keep that in mind!

Rumor Article: Broly in Dragon ball Super?

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