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 Corrupt a Shenron Wish

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PostSubject: Corrupt a Shenron Wish    Corrupt a Shenron Wish  EmptyTue Nov 07, 2017 12:58 am

Corrupt a Shenron Wish  Tumblr_o997m6wYyl1rqe0rbo1_500

How to Play

Basic: Users will corrupt another users wish.

The person making a wish MUST SAY "Almighty Shenron I wish for [Insert Wish]!"
The person quoting in response must say "Your wish has been granted! but [Insert Corruption]!"


User 1: "Almighty Shenron! I wish for 1 billion dollars!"
User 2: " "Your wish has been granted! but the billion dollars are now 90% donated to charity!"
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Corrupt a Shenron Wish
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