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 Rules Of The Death Battle

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PostSubject: Rules Of The Death Battle   Sat Mar 14, 2015 4:36 pm

1. Don't over wank or fanboy over a character. (EX: Goku can beat anyone and anybody!)
2. Don't insult others no matter the reason. (EX: You are a retard.)
4. Cyber bullying/Harassing others are prohibited. (Screen shots of comments use to humiliate others.)
5. Spamming the same matches over butthurt is against the rules! (EX: Goku Vs Superman)
6. DO NOT DISRESPECT A STAFF MEMBER! (EX: You are retarded @[Insert Admin Name])
7. Feats and Facts! If you can't prove what you say its alright just accept you were wrong.

I will state this so users can understand.....
Debates are "Civil" discussions. (Acceptable)
Arguments are "Hostile" discussions. (Unacceptable)
"Common sense" is objective like an opinion.
Powerscaling/Calcs are allowed for any and all debates here and if you don't want these rules applied mention it in your thread.

If you have ANY problems tag a Admin/Moderator to the issue and let us handle it.
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Rules Of The Death Battle
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